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Articole gravide, Cosmetice, Igiena (scutece, servetele ...)

Incepand din timpuri stravechi, in traditia japoneza Oshibori, oaspetii erau intampinati cu prosoape umede pentru racorire.

Inspirat de aceasta traditie, va prezentam servetelele umede comprimate sub forma de tablete, Only Napkin, elegante, hipoalergenice si ecologice.
Sunt usor de folosit inainte si dupa masa.
In contact cu picaturile de apa, tableta se deschide ca o floare de lotus.

De ce Only Napkin ?
Deoarece servetelele comprimate sunt igienice, elegante, ecologice si ofera o experienta unica.

Clientul va fi rasfatat cu un adevarat spectacol de eleganta si magie, bucurandu-se de experiente delicioase intr-o atmosfera relaxata si senzatie de improspatare inainte sau dupa masa.


Since ancient times, in the Japanese tradition Oshibori, guests have been welcomed with wet towels for refreshment.

Inspired by this tradition, we introduce the wet wipes compressed in tablet form, Only Napkin. Elegant, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
They are easy to use before and after the meal.
In contact with water drops, the tablet unfolds like a lotus flower.

Why Only Napkin ?
Because the compressed tablet napkin is hygienic, elegant, eco-friendly and it offers an outstanding experience.

Client will be pampered with a real show of elegance and magic at the table, enjoying delicious experiences in a relaxed atmosphere, and feeling refreshed before or after the meal.